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Coming Home was a community driven sound project supported by Phee Broadway Theatre At Home: a Mount Alexander Shire Council program.

Coming Home documents and celebrates the sounds of the commute from the city to our home in the goldfields of Castlemaine and surrounds. The music of train and road trips, once so familiar made almost a memory in the events of 2020, were brought back to life through sound recordings, remixing and a live concert performance at the Phee Broadway Theatre.



Community Sounds

Everyone regardless of their previous skills in recording sound were invited to record the sounds that represent what coming home to Castlemaine & surrounds means to them using something as simple as a smart phone or as complex as their equipment allowed.  Click below to listen to the sounds contributions of Coming Home

For those who had not made sound recordings before, there is an online simple to follow tutorial and PDF  to make recording sounds easily on your smartphone or ipad etc.  It an easy process and is still available here should you wish to delve into some sound recording of your own.

Learn Smartphone Recording HERE

Remix and Reimagine the Sounds

If you are keen to turn these sounds into a finished sound art or musical work then feel free to download the sounds of Coming Home and use the tutorial and PDF in the link below to look at different ways of editing and playing with sound, 

You can then make and upload your finished musical piece and we will stream them on this site for everyone to hear and enjoy.

Listen/Download Sounds and Learn to Remix/Reimagine Sounds HERE

Coming Home in Concert

On February 27, 2021. Pianist Josh Cohen who has garnered millions of YouTube views for his meditative and highly improvised approach to playing and gained approval from Radiohead to produce a songbook of his Radiohead improvisations for solo piano, Sydney/London based cellist Emily Williams and Newstead residents; electronic composers and sound producers Aimee Chapman and Anthony Lyons who have toured internationally, produced award winning compositions performed a live immersive   musical observation of Coming Home. Audience members undertook a train ride from Melbourne's Southern Cross through to Castlemaine Station featuring footage from the train window unfurling in real time and accompanied by a fully improvised performance by the quartet.

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