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Brynn & Ferg
Curly Blonde

'Aimee's advice has been so helpful in mapping out our music career path. From having no clear idea of what direction we wanted to take, Aimee's knowledge has given us the confidence to pursue the right things and properly maximise our music.'

Josh Cohen

'Aimee has been a creative mentor of mine for over a decade and has guided and supported me in an invaluable way. Her professionalism, prompt communication, friendly nature and ability to motivate has helped me release and perform tracks from my band-approved Radiohead songbook and plan for my future projects. I would highly recommend Aimee for anyone looking for strong and considered creative direction in the music industry.'

Warwick Newman
Tone Revival Engineering

'Focus- Aimee brings a focus and a plan to the table whenever we chat about my business. She is easy to talk to, is experienced and has a great network to support her advice. Highly recommend.'

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