David Haberfeld aka 'Honeysmack' at Central Victoria Ableton User Group | August 2020 Meetup

In the midst of the Lockdown in Victoria, Australia the Central Victoria Ableton User Group has been meeting each month to get inspired by a special guest. 

In August that guest was David Haberfeld who is a long time, highly revered Acid Techno wizard, performing under the name Honeysmack. Aria nominated for his Walk on Acid release and having recently released his latest album Post Acid on Carl Cox's label, David is an electronic artist who has significantly contributed to Australia’s Acid, Techno and electronic dance music community for well over 25 years.

‘Happy Accidents are the best generator or seed for a new idea….  Hands on, keep recording….There are no limitations.’

It was always going to be an adventure to have this equal parts performer, producer, prankster, punk and academic, but all electronic enigma in the hot seat for our meet up and it made for a really interesting look at not just pure hardware set ups but also David's passionate thoughts on creative process and spontaneity was incredibly infectious – after all he does have quite the reputation for challenging mediocrity throughout his work.

So if you have a crush on 808s and 909s, want to get a grounding on how to set up a hardware based studio or get some fire in your belly around making music in the here and now, this is definitely one to settle in and watch.

CLICK HERE now to watch.

 Find out more about David here and here!




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