Ben Ang at Central Victoria Ableton User Group | November 2020 Meet Up

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2020

In our most recent meet up as part of the Central Victorian Ableton User Group we were joined by Ableton Certified Trainer, Music Producer and Live Electronic Musician Ben Ang who zoomed us from Singapore!

Ben used a bunch of the new features and instruments in Live 11 to create a remix track (the production side) and also took us though preparing it for live improvisation (the performance side). If you want to get a solid sense of how Live 11 might fit into your own work, this is a really good starting point.

Ben Ang is an electronic music production instructor, principal tutor at the Electronic Music Lab (EML) in Singapore and one half of synthpop-remix duo Cosmic Armchair. He teaches electronic music production and performance with Ableton Live, Ableton Push and Max for Live.

With over 20 years experience in teaching and performing electronic music, Singapore-based Ben Ang specializes in electronic music production in Ableton Live (basic and advanced), performance on Ableton Live...

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Steffan Ianigro at Central Victoria Ableton User Group October Meet Up

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2020

Steffan Ianigro was the guest speaker for the Central Victorian Ableton User Group meet up in October 2020 giving us some background on his work as a sound artist, a researcher and developer in interaction design.  He walked us through the PLECTO Non-Linear LFO device that he has developed including some practical examples of its use in his own work  

Plecto LFO is device that produces a variety of non-linear oscillations which can be mapped to any parameter in Ableton Live. A type of neural network is used to produce these oscillations and can maintain long-term variance in its output. So in short it is a device that produces unpredictable long term behaviours and can be mapped to any of the parameters in your Live set. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac and integrates with a web interface which can be used to find different configurations for the LFO and sync them with the device within Ableton. There is also a standalone Max object which is the brains...

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Dr Anthony Lyons at Central Victoria Ableton User Group | September 2020 Meetup

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2020

At the September Meet Up of Central Victoria Ableton User Group we heard from composer, sound artist, musician and academic Anthony Lyons.

Anthony has written works for orchestra, bands, electronic performance, installation, planetarium domes and while he draws inspiration from both popular and art music traditions, Electronic and sampled elements are a feature of many of his compositions.

In this session Anthony took the group through integrating various external hardware synths and devices with Ableton.  Troubleshooting scenarios with sending midi to and from Hardware to DAW and took us into his creative process and sound design.

His mini-dive into this huge area of music making spawned a lot of great discussion and questions and certainly caused a few members to seek out a bunch of new equipment on the back of this session.

Find out more about Anthony HERE.

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David Haberfeld aka 'Honeysmack' at Central Victoria Ableton User Group | August 2020 Meetup

In the midst of the Lockdown in Victoria, Australia the Central Victoria Ableton User Group has been meeting each month to get inspired by a special guest. 

In August that guest was David Haberfeld who is a long time, highly revered Acid Techno wizard, performing under the name Honeysmack. Aria nominated for his Walk on Acid release and having recently released his latest album Post Acid on Carl Cox's label, David is an electronic artist who has significantly contributed to Australia’s Acid, Techno and electronic dance music community for well over 25 years.

‘Happy Accidents are the best generator or seed for a new idea….  Hands on, keep recording….There are no limitations.’

It was always going to be an adventure to have this equal parts performer, producer, prankster, punk and academic, but all electronic enigma in the hot seat for our meet up and it made for a really interesting look at not just pure hardware set ups but...

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